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sewing crystal rhinestones

sewing crystal rhinestones are ornamental materials in garment, to make your clothes shinning and special.

sewing crystal rhinestones have two styles, one is flact back, the other is pionted back. Usually there are two holes in the flat back crystals, if pionted back crystals, there are a metallic claw to fix the crystals, then swed on the garment..

there is many shapes to choose for sewing crystal rhinestones, such as round, octagon, square, round square, rectangle, galactic, oval, heart, triangle, flower, tear drop, ellipse, cosmic, curve, etc. 

each shape have sveral size, so you can get what you favor.

For the colors of sewing crystal rhinestones, crystal and crystal AB are have enough storage, but if other colors, you have to customerized..

any inquiry of sewing crystal rhinestones, please feel free to contact us.

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