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SS20 Coffee MC rhinestone in lead free crystal stones

SS20 Coffee MC rhinestone in lead free crystal stones

SS20 Coffee MC rhinestone in lead free crystal stones
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Lead free MC hot fix rhinestones in flat back glass crystal beads
MC hot fix rhinestone was born 5 years ago, it is DMC rhinestone period at that time. Because DMC stone are so hot in the market, all the factories make large quantity, and quality controlled negligently which lead to serious consequences, such as bad beads, glue off, etc. At this time, our factory create MC ho fix stones instead of DMC to high level as original swarovski crystals. We use Germany glue to ensure no beads off after heat transfer. All the rhinestones are best after picking bad beads by machine and hand.
As the important products of weyeah crystal elements, MC hotfix rhinestone have many advantages:
1. Super quality grade, almost same with swarovski or preciosa maxima crystals
2. Favorable price, only about 10% of swarovski crystals, some colors are even much lower..
3. Stronger glue ensure there are nearly no beads off after ironing on transfer. 3 years guarantee for the glue.
4. Lead free, the content of Lead are all less than 90ppm, and have got SGS, RTS certificate..
5. Storage enough for all the size and colors, except special colors of coatings.
The size of lead free MC hotfix rhinestone: ss0, ss1, ss2, ss3, ss4, ss5, ss6, ss8, ss10, ss12, ss16, ss20, ss30, ss34, ss40, ss48, and there are nearly 110 colors to choose..
Our MC rhinestones are used for brand clothes, shoes, bags, costume, gym leotards, nail art and phone case decoration. Anyway, if you have high quality request and no worries about future, please choose our MC rhinestones to create your own shinning arts.
Any samples of weyeah crystals are free all the time. SS20 Coffee MC rhinestone in lead free crystal stones