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lead free hot fix rhinestones instruction

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Lead free hot fix rhinestones, 

there are 4 elements for environmental protection testing"

Pb,Cd, Hg, Ni.

Now some suppliers only test Pb(if Pb contect less than 90ppm), they will call it lead free stones. But it is not enough, some countries require othere 3 items too. As we konw all of glass rhinestones include Pb in any color, so Pb test is basic. Some red colors include Cd, such as siam, lt siam, hyacinth, sun, lt rose, roes, furchsia, etc.. and jet black, hematite, sliver hematite, blue hematite, black diamond, they usually include Ni..

the quality garde of lead free rhinestones:

swarovski, preciosa, maxima, MC, korea rhinestones..

swarovski and preciosa or Maxima, their stones are all lead free, but red series color have Cd too. 

usually for MC rhinesones, we only ensure Pb and Cd are in environmental requirements. if you have other items request, we can test them for u and tested by yourself.. Some colors can pass ALL this 4 items testing..

for korea rhinestones, the factory only test Pb..

Also there some companys have got Oeko-Tex, it is only show the testing is passed, but it can not sure they can supply all the goods are lead free.. So please let them test before order and ensure they supply the same bulk good with the testing ones..

our factory have a testing machine, so if you need, just fell free to contact us.. and we can supply testing report for u too..

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