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What is lead free hot fix rhinestones

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  There many companies who sell lead free rhinestones or korea low lead hot fix rhinestones?but many people confused them, and hard to decide to choose them.

  Here is introduce lead free hot fix rhinestones:

Any hot fix rhinestones or non hot fix rhinestones can be called lead free rhinestones, because if the lead content is as less as possible, it will be called lead free rhinestones.

For international legal provisions, if lead free contact is leass 90 ppm of adult clothes, or 45ppm for skin touch, that will be environmental friendly. But as we know, the main materials of rhinestones is glass, they will content lead ineitable, so if someone said there was no lead in their rhinestones, suerly he is a cheater..

Except Pb, some Euro countries request Hg, Ni, and Cd low content too.. So once you choose lead free hot fix stones, please consider these 3 items too.. Usually speaking, korea low lead stones are only test Pb(less than 90ppm). 

  Ours Lead free MC rhinestones, test Hg, Cd, Ni, Br, Cr all, make sure all the mircoelements can be up to legal rules. So you buy rhinestones for baby clothes, underwear, brand clothes, pelase choose our MC lead free stones.

  Korea low lead rhinestones: low price, low shinning, less facets, smaller and less sizes.

  MC lead free rhinestones, high price, high shinning, more facets, stronger glue, bigger as same size, more sizes and colors to choose.

  some colors can not pass the test of Cd, such as sun, hyacinth, lt siam, siam, pink, rose, furchsia, violet, indian pink, garnet, ruby, padaradscha etc. Even though original swarovski and preciosa crystals.